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Eight Sweet Snacks to Power Your Winter Sales

Sweets are a great way to make a bit more in sales at any time of the year. However, during Winter, sweets often go up in sales due to more time at home, and the many candy-focused holidays (Valentine’s Day anyone?) Today, we’re talking about eight sweet treats you can add to your inventory to see an instant reward. 

Goldilocks Sweet Delights

First up on the list are these Goldilocks Sweet Delights Polvoron. Available in five wonderful flavors, your customers will have a new favorite cookie. Choose from Ube, Peanut, Pinipig, Cashew, and Cookies & Cream. 

X.O. Coffee Candy

Coffee is the busy shopper’s best friend. However, coffee can spill and isn’t always feasible. A hard candy, though, can be carried anywhere and eaten at almost any time. Show your customers the power of caffeine and sweets all at once with X.O. Coffee Candy

Mama Sita Champorado Kit

Families want to build something or take part in the experience of cooking. It’s part of family time that is often missed in the busy world we live in. If you want to show your customers that boring cake mixes aren’t the only thing they can have, then show them Mama Site

Boy Bawang Cornick

Chips are a staple snack for any family. However, the flavors can get a bit old, and sales can fall. Showcase a new product to revive attention on your snack aisle. We recommend the Big Garlic Flavor or Boy Bwang Cornick

Boy Bawang Cracker

If you run a shop near a trail or hiking track, then trail mix is a must in your shop. Highlight your ability to cater to diverse needs by offering something unique. These garlic flavored Boy Wawang Crackers are just what your customer ordered. 

Regent Tempura

Asian markets are notorious for having food no other place has. Bring some of that diversity into your shop with shrimp chips from Regent Tempura. They taste great and offer your customers a chance to expand their pallet – if only for the sake of curiosity. 

Alfonso’s Choco Samporado Mix Cup

Fast desserts are a huge trend right now. From mugs in cups to heatable freezer desserts, the possibilities are endless – yet all the same. Offer something new and impress your customers with a chocolate rice porridge mix in a bowl.

Conching Polvron

Gone are the days where Little Debbie is all you have. Now, you can give customers quick cakes of many shapes and sizes – including these Ube & purple yam toasted wheat cakes. They taste great and make good marketing material for Dr. Suese or Purple Week! 

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