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Top Quick Meal Hacks Busy Families Need

It’s halfway through February – meaning your customers have children back in school or they might be back in college. When this happens, time diminishes. No longer can they cook elaborate meals and plan days in advance. 

Often, they are in your store looking for quick options over the next three or four days. Give them a reason to come back with new and exciting quick meals they can try. Kraft Mac n Cheese is good, but no one wants to eat the same meal for three weeks. This week, we’re showing you what White King, one of our favorite brands, has to offer.

Chicken Sopas

Chicken soup is fantastic for sickness and a fast meal. It’s packed with protein, vegetables, and many other nutrients. However, canned soup can get boring after a while. Dry soup, on the other hand, is new and can pack more flavor in less packaging. Offer this option to your customers and see what they think about their dinner blues next week. You might have a new bestseller on your hands. 

Bijon Noodle Sauce Mix

Noodles are the best way to make a healthy meal fast. All you need are dry noodles (coming up soon) and frozen vegetables. Show your customers with a demo that it’s easier than pie. Cook the noodles and toss them into a pan with this sauce and some frozen veggies. 

Your shoppers will be lining up to try it, and soon you’ll have none left to sell or hand out. Sometimes the best way to make new sales is to fill the air with the smell of fantastic dining options. 

Fiesta Spaghetti Noodles

Do your consumers need noodles for their Bijon dinner? White King offers the perfect pairing with their spaghetti noodles. What’s better, these noodles can be used for almost any application and cook fast. 

Native Bibingka

A Filipino favorite, this rice cake mix is the perfect dessert for families that shop in your store. Not only will it allow for a diverse selection, but it also gives something else for those that don’t like chocolate or vanilla cakes. 

Native Puto

Perhaps your customers do like white cake. Has it been flying off the shelves with a higher rate the closer you get to Easter? Well, fill your grocery store shelves with a new type of white cake that will have everyone talking. White Kind Native Puto is perfect for quick cake baking, so even the busiest shoppers feel like they have enough time. 

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